Friday, March 2, 2012

Elliana at 8 months!!

WOW looking back at my previous 8 months I realized that I have not shared our most prized addition to our family very much! So without further ado...
 I dont know why but for some reason the computer put her newest photos on the top of the post and she gets younger as it goes on, I guess it was trying to make her Benjamin Button. ENJOY!!!

This is what I get to wake up to each morning!! I love it!


 She loves bath time, although you cant tell with this photo...
but you can tell she loves playtime!!

 Above is the cutest little ladybug outfit Judy bought Miss Elle, and to the right is Ellie's snowsuit.
Ellie was sick one day, isnt she the cutest sick person you have ever seen!!

 One day I told sky that I cant read while Ellie is awake, well when I walked in the back he was proving me wrong. Leave it to a reader to find a way! :)