Sunday, August 15, 2010

Merry ol' England

SUMMER...Where do I start, I guess with the most exciting thing we have done!
ENGLAND!!  There were WAY too many pictures (over 1500) to put them on here, but here are some of the highlights...

This is Westminster Abby, where all the coronations take place, also where the royalty has their weddings and funerals. This picture does not do justice. It was so cool, Sky was watercoloring in another location

Greenwich, pronounced Grenich. The prime meridian. In this picture we are straddling Time. This is where 24s hours starts and stops

I had to put up Sky's ball and chain... books! (if you can't tell, the bench is an open book). It was at the Brittish Library where they had TONS of original manuscripts, Beowulf, Beatles lyrics, Greek, Hebrew, Magna Carta, get the picture

I wanted to post this one, although sky is looking away, so that you could see the beautiful garden. This is John Miltons home where he wrote Paradise Lost. All the homes in England are cute cottages, many with gardens.
STONEHENGE! I know it looks like we photoshopped us in here but, we didnt. It was a very cold, windy day but an incredible sight. Also while we were here, Sky randomly was interviewed by a Korean news station. It was so funny! I wish I had a picture of it!

The old, um VERY old structure behind me was a monument from the 12th Century in Stratford, Bill Shakespeares birthplace. Everywhere you look in England you find centuries old buildings right there in the middle of the town. They literally build right on top.

This is the day I left, our anniversary. Sky was trying to help make it a easy parting, I was not interested. Truth be told, neither was he. The professors later told me he had a frown that whole day. Haha, as I look at this picture, it really is a sad face. Sorry to end with this!

The fruit of Sky's pilgrimmage, The gravesite of Tolkien and his wife.

Many of the other journeys that are not documented here include but are not limited to, White Cliffs of Dover, The Globe Theatre (Shakespeare), Wales, many castles, palaces, St. Pauls Cathedral, lovely old little bookstores, multiple museum (like 8), art galleries (including original Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet, da Vinci), Les Miserable, The Russian Ballet (Swan Lake), Bath (natural roman spring), Tolkien sites, RAF museum (the Royal Airforce), The Old Sarum, Tower Bridge, Tower of London (where the crown jewels are), Big Ben, Punting on the Cherwell, Eagle and Child (Where Tolkien and Lewis met for 25 years to discuss LOTR and Narnia), Oxford, ate at Great Hall (where Harry Potter was filmed), went to platform 9 3/4 (HP again), Abby Road (walked the great crosswalk), rode the trains, tube, and double decker bus everyday....All this and we are still leaving out so much! It was a wonderful trip.  

Below is a link to a video Sky and our friend Bryce made. I think Sky found his other LOTR half! The only problem is that you have to login into Facebook to see it. I'm trying to get it in another way but until then PLEASE watch it, it is SO great!