Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 months in a paragraph

OH MY GOODNESS, I literally just spent an hour and a half posting like 15 pics, explanations and everything and it deleted. If you want to use your imagination I did our whole trip including VA, UT, CA, family, wedding, christmas, birthdays and snow (including a 12 ft snowman). so I'm going to continue this when I have more patience. Other than that we are doing great! :) LOVE YOU

A very diverse couple months!

I have been such a slacker! This is a very long post so view as you will, however I DO wish I could put so many more pictures of family because it was so fun to see everyone! There were many events that happened in the last few months, so here are a few picture updates about our life...
Sky's lovely brownie cake!! HAPPY BDAY!!

Christmas at the King home was I think the 17th, right before we flew out to CA. As you can see, Sky's stocking portrays the abominable snowman.

Revisit to SLC!! I love that place, Thank you to Britt and David for letting us use their car!!

Many members of the King/Madsen Family all reuniting for Ryan and Broni's wedding!

The boys

The Girls, plus the groom! Twas a beautiful sealing and reception, Congrats you guys!!
After the wedding we were headed off to CA!

I love this pic, connelly had asked Sky to read his book outloud and it was so interesting Connelly fell asleep! I miss my little nieces and nefews! All of them (even unborn ones)

Ryan and Chair and little baby Dane

Jose's of course

The Lovely Scotts Christmas morn

Outside of Mark and Moms house. It was so nice to come home! It smelled good and was SO cozy!!
I dont know what happend to our camera on Christmas because I dont have ANY pics of the fam, so if anyone has some, I would love copies! It was SO good to see everyone!! WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!

A couple days after we went shooting with dad, I love this pic of Amber

I love the Huntington pier

Mel, Corbin and I throwing sand, I love little Corbin, and of course Mel too!

He was being so funny in this little tunnel

It was sad to see the trip go, but when we got back Sky surprised me with a night stay at WinterGreen for my birthday. Its a ski resort in VA,and it was beautiful.

We stayed in one of those lodge/condos and right out the back window were the slopes!!

Then to DC for a ward temple trip

And one last picture to show the crazy snow we have been having! It has been so cold. This is looking out from our apartment.

I dont know how the heck this one got so out of order, but I love just stitting around the table to talk!