Sunday, May 2, 2010

A lot has happened since our last post so in the words of the late MJ...Brace Yourself!

Mom and Mark came out to visit, Sky graduated, and the rest of are filled with family and friends. We love you Mom and Mark!! Thanks for giving up your spring break for a week full of history! I am so proud of Sky, we are excited for the next step! We were so happy to have Matt, Vicki and Nana come and see us, as well as our friend Becky!

This first pic is of St. John's Church in Richmond where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech,"Give me Liberty or give me death."

A church, like this one from the 19th century, has been standing on this exact Jamestown site since 1608!
They picked me up from work and we went to the Natural Bridge, which is behind me. If you follow the path you will see Mark and hopefully that gives you an idea of how HUGE it is! It is historical, I just forgot the facts, Sorry!
MONTICELLO! This was Thomas Jeffersons home. Actually, it wasnt really a home it was a small town. He was so innovative, and his house was completely customized to him. For example, he created a pulley calender in his front room to tell the day and hour of the week. One of our favorite places in Virginia!
This is kind of an intermission photo between the two events, but I wanted to document how long my hair was because I just recently cut my hair to a little below my shoulders. I wanted it much shorter but, hey maybe in a couple weeks...
Clint and I threw Sky and Maria a surprise Grad party about a week before graduation. Here is a pic from the beginning of the party. And for those of you who have not been to our apartment, ours is the second one from the right on the bottom. (there are decorations you just cant see them, :)
This was at Sky's Banquet dinner...
We were so happy Nana could make it down from NY!
It was so fun to have you guys here!
I love this pic of Sky!! So gangsta
Maria (Solomona) graduated at the same time as Sky, sadly to say they just moved to Texas yesterday! They will be sorely missed..........We love you guys!
We are so lucky to be friends with a professional photographer! Thanks Brinn!!
Its a great day to be a Knight! This is our 12 ft mascot statue.

Last but not least we have one more photo, this one needs special space... Sky and I had a little MJ Neverland party and because we didnt have a shirt for him, he dressed in character!! We even had mexican food (MJ loves mexican)